The brainchild of Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak, Total F---ing Destruction are an experimental grindcore quartet that value speed, insanity, brutality and humor in equal doses. To demonstrate their bizarre brilliance, Noisecreep is thrilled to present the exclusive stream of 'Dudehammer' from the band's third album, 'Hater,' which comes out Feb. 15.

One of the few songs on the record that's over a minute long (there are 27 cuts in total), 'Dudehammer' is Total F---ing Destruction in a nutshell -- crash-and-burn ferocity with a smile. Blast beats and blowtorch guitars dominate almost every song, though there are touches of punk, jazz, blues and textural post-rock to enhance the flavor of the napalm.

Listen to 'Dudehammer'

Total F---ing Destruction formed in 1999 while Brutal Truth were on hiatus. Since then, they've appeared on 13 collaborations and released the greatest hits collection, 'Compact Disc Version 1.0' -- comprised of 40 songs from their split CDs -- before putting out their first full-length, 'Zen and the art of Total F---ing Destruction.' They followed with 'Peace, Love and Total F---ing Destruction' in 2008.

The band features Hoak on drums and lead vocals, Steve "Pingdum" Morasco and Paul "Der Barbar" Herzog on guitars and Joe Sweeney on bass. 'Hater' was recorded at mixed by Dan O'Hare at Mark-It-Zero Music Studios near Philadelphia.

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