To Speak of Wolves

"You feel the rhythm pumping through your veins!" To Speak of Wolves frontman Rick Jacobs screams on first sight in the band's new video for 'Darkness Often Yields the Brightest Light.' With that declaration the pace is set. This is the fable of Little Red Riding Hood, but this is isn't about the wolf, his teeth or his guise. This is about the moment of fear realized; she's not alone and there is no time to think or rationalize. It's time to run, and it's time for us to watch.

It's hard to believe such a collision of melodies and force like this was the result of the North Carolina band just taking some riffs with no songs into the studio and seeing where they went. Obviously the ideas for the debut album 'Myself < Letting Go' went for the throat.


"We wanted to go in there with that mindset of not necessarily setting our songs in stone until we got there," drummer Phil Chamberlain explained to Noisecreep a while back, adding that the band just plugged all their rehearsal-recorded riffs into a studio computer and began creating songs from there. "'This riff fits with this riff, so we're going to pull these down here,'" he said, reenacting the process. "Once we had the skeleton for each song, we would go in and lay it down."

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