To Speak of Wolves

There has been a heavy buzz about To Speak of Wolves for some time; the band's drive has been unmistakable as well as a crashing force of melody and hardcore live. But with the North Carolina band under a month away from the reveal of their debut full-length, 'Myself < Letting Go,' we're bringing you the track 'You Should've Locked Your Doors Days Ago.' Drummer Phil Chamberlain confessed to Noisecreep that this was his favorite song to play live, as he took a break from band practice in their sweat inducing public storage space.

"It covers everything we do," explained Chamberlain, which is why the band has the song placed as their lead-off at shows, but he defined for us his favorite part of the song, being the mellow chorus, which didn't even make it in until they were in the studio. "We had most of it written when we went in there, just not organized into a song, and we needed a chorus."

The band wasn't always this melodic. On their first EP, singing parts were sparse, focusing on the brute force possibilities of the band more. Now, with an almost entire new lineup, the band uses three-part harmonies. "It was a natural change," assured Chamberlain. "We wanted it to be different than the EP, and having a new vocalist on board changed up the vocals."

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