To Speak of Wolves

To Speak of Wolves have scored some previously announced tour dates with Underoath -- but there is no nepotism there, even though drummer Phil Chamberlain is the brother of Underoath vocalist Spencer Chamberlain. The band's debut, 'Myself < Letting Go,' is worth its musical salt, and the band has also scheduled shows with Becoming the Archetype and Onward to Olympas to prove it.

"We are really excited to get out there and play with some bands we really have a lot of respect for, and to play on the same stage with them is a very exciting thing for our band," Phil Chamberlain told Noisecreep of the To Speak of Wolves tour dates. "We can't wait to hang with all the kids at the shows and enjoy the time on this tour."

But summer touring can be brutal on your sweat glands, but that doesn't deter the North Carolina quintet. "The best thing about summer touring is the weather, since we're all Southern boys and I think about the only thing that puts us in a bad mood is the cold," Chamberlain laughed.

Chamberlain also invited fans to come check them out after the gig, saying, "We want to meet them, hang out with them and hear what they're up to and how they're doing." Now that's the type of band that gives back to its fans.

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