Who doesn't love a tale about an end of the world being orchestrated by God, the Devil and forces unseen? Religious or not, believer or unbeliever, nothing beats opening the latter pages of the bible or certian 17th century poems for the most metal words to pass through the eons. "I was always fascinated by people's apocalyptic interpretations that they look for in the Bible Old and New Testament," Titans Eve frontman and guitarist Brian Gamblin told Noisecreep. "The book 'Paradise Lost' I always found to be captivating."

'Nightfall' is one of the later tracks on the Canadian foursome's concept album, 'The Divine Equal.' Noisecreep is proud to premiere this thrashy track detailing the remnants of mankind "struggling in a post apocalyptic world and Satan leaving them with nothing but despair."

Listen to 'Nightfall'

Not just following one path, 'The Divine Equal' seemingly focuses on the varied ideas and beliefs of how an eternal war will decimate the world we know. "Many people believe that there are prophesies within the Old and New Testament of the Bible that foretell Armageddon," Gamblin explained. "Some people think that Armageddon is actually a place in Israel called Megiddo where the final battle of good and evil will take place."

But through the entire endeavor of putting together such a lumbering debut album, the band has kept steadfast that these interpretations of the end of days can matter to us -- whether we hold to a creed or not.

"People can relate with stories like this, because people fall and rise in there own lives," Gamblin elaborated. "People are rejected and struggle for meaning in there life everyday. So I hope people enjoy the music and story told on 'The Divine Equal' to help empower them in life's everyday struggles. "

'The Divine Equal' comes out Feb. 1.

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