Only three studio albums into their career and instrumental rock warriors Tides From Nebula already prove that they have no need for complacency in their music. Written over the course of six months, ‘Eternal Movement,’ the band's latest offering, is a deep and ethereal display of progressive rock at its finest, and a perfect exhibition of the band's growing maturity.

In the middle of a major European tour, guitarist Adam Waleszyński took a few moments to catch up with Noisecreep in an exclusive interview. The guitarist opened up about the writing of the new album, the possibility of Tides From Nebula hitting North America for the first time in their career and more. Read our interview with Tides From Nebula's Adam Waleszynski below:

How intense was the writing of 'Eternal Movement?'

We've played together for five years now. Every time, writing material is a completely different thing. For 'Eternal Movement,' it was so different and so intense that we can't believe we managed to record this one. Of course we had fun, but it was also so much hard work that after everything ended we didn't know how the time had passed. We started at the beginning of 2013 and then suddenly we woke up at the end of June!

As an instrumental rock band, what does it take to write a track that tells a story without vocals?

Actually, as a matter of fact we've never tried that. We have never put a story into our song. We always try to put emotions and feelings, but no stories. We try to leave that to the listener. I think it is more interesting from the other side, for the listener to write the story to the music we did.

For 'Only With Presence,' bassist Przemek Weglowski said he was inspired for the title of the track by Eckhart Tolle's 'The Power of Now.' Where else does the band draw inspiration for the album's track titles?

This album is about humanity and spirituality. Of course I'm saying that in a big general way. The last track from the album is also titled by Przemek; he was inspired by a book by Ken Wilber.

The third track, 'Satori,' is a Buddhist term. How important is religion to you and the band, and does it affect your writing?

Well, religion is a very personal thing and it affects each of us separately. We are all quite different when we talk about religion, so we are not quite in unity on that one. From the other side, though, I can't say that religion did not appear on 'Eternal Movement.' It is there of course but not so obvious.

This album features a lot of new ways to create your music, from a bass synthesizer to multiple guitars to several keyboards. Why did you decide to build such a deep roster of musical sounds with 'Eternal Movement'?

We, as a band, always try to take a step forward when working on something new. It is easy, and always our new sounds are the mixture of us being bored with all we did in the past, so hungry for something new plus new inspirations which we are constantly looking for. Also while writing and recording 'Eternal Movement' we had an opportunity to record the album exactly as we wanted, so we used tons of guitars, effect heads and drums.

The band has said that 'Eternal Movement' is full of "hope and light." With so much bad in the world today, where do you see hope and light?

It is everywhere. You as a person just have to take that grey blanket and uncover the colors of everyday. Happiness is the matter of being here and now.

You wrapped up your Poland tour this summer and are in the middle of touring Europe. Do you have any North American dates in mind for the future?

Nope, and we want to change that! We've never played the US, and I hope it will change very soon. I've been there a couple of times, and I really miss that country!

With 'Eternal Movement' out in Europe and North America, what's next for Tides from Nebula? Have you already started working on new music?

It is too early. Straight after recording and the premiere we went for a huge trek around Poland and Europe. We are going back home in December. It is always a month off for us, and then we are going back to playing in January. Then we'll see what will happen in the new year.

Our thanks to Adam Waleszyński for the interview! Tides From Nebula's third studio album, 'Eternal Movement,' is out on Long Branch Records in digital, CD and vinyl formats. You can order your copy of the instrumental prog rock album at this location.

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