After a decade of moshing their way into the metal scene's consciousness, Orange County's Throwdown are still true to the X, remaining a straight edge band.

"Bands don't hit that mark and then stay true to it a decade later, but we have," vocalist Dave Peters told Noisecreep. "There are always rumors that we hear, through a message on MySpace or someone saying, 'Hey, we heard you are not straight edge anymore.' But we still are. The questions come up since we have a certain amount of songs, across the albums, about the topic and on our last album, I was more cryptic, lyrically. I don't say 'Straight F---ing Edge.'

"We don't want to rehash the same thing again and if I write about it in so many ways, the last thing I want to do is cheat someone buying the record by recreating the song on an old record for the person buying it. There are only so many ways you can write about the same thing, so for me, whether it's about someone in my life or a bone to pick with someone, I am not writing two or three songs about it. I deal with them or that experience is one song."

Despite having songs about the straight edge credo, Throwdown's music can appeal to those who aren't in support of an XXX lifestyle or mantra. "It was the foundation for the band in the beginning and it remains that way. That's something that people have accepted us for but appreciate the band for, but anyone can listen to us," Peters said.