Throwdown's Dave Peters called at 6:30 PM on the button to talk to me about his band's upcoming tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Shadows Fall, which begins Jan. 21. He wasn't even a minute late, despite dealing with the crisis of a broken down bus with a wheel that caught on fire! I've had rock stars blow me off for much smaller emergencies, but the ever-punctual Peters didn't even bat an eyelash.

"Our bus is broken down by the side of the road and [the] driver is a mechanic, so he has a good handle on the fix," Peters told Noisecreep. "We might need to get a couple parts. Something blew and the wheel caught on fire. We're lucky to be alive!" The band was in blistery Wichita, Kan., but Peters wasn't freezing his ass of in the bone-chilling temperatures or warming his hands over the burning wheel. "I'm still on the bus," he said. "We love this tour, I cannot wait to be back in California."

While TxDx wrap up dates with Bury Your Dead and For Today, they will not waste much time off the road. They'll play with Shadows Fall and Five Finger Death Punch in early winter. "It's cool in that regard, that it's a bunch of different sounding bands," Peters said. "That is the most appealing thing for us. Whenever we put together a headliner of our own, we try and make it as dynamic of a mix as we can. Five Finger Death Punch have the same idea in mind. There will be different fans than those that would be at a Throwdown or a Shadows Fall show! It will feel like a festival."

The band is psyched to continue promoting 'Deathless,' their latest album. "We're still looking ahead and by that point, the record will be out for a few months. And we'll bring out a few new songs. We want to deliver a set that is what we think fans will want to hear. The songs will be familiar, and we'll play two or three. We may play our cover of 'Becoming' for the Metal Hammer Dimebag [Darrell Abbott] tribute. We may do that song or a different Pantera song. We tried to on this tour, but we didn't have time to rehearse beforehand."

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