There is a reason Throwdown singer Dave Peters is such a good interview. The vocalist majored in public relations at Cal State Fullerton. "I have been writing since I was young and enjoy creative writing, telling stories, like simple recounts of ridiculous things or long and involved stories, so I integrate that into singing," Peters told Noisecreep. "I got the PR degree because it was the easier than of the all the emphases within the communications major."

So does he think this PR training has helped him in his dealings with the media as a musician? "Not really," he admitted. "I learned certain things, from going to college and studying PR, but I am too honest to think about how I can spin things, which is ironic for the major I chose. I am forthright."

Peters is also celebrating two years of wedded bliss, which is often hard on a touring musician. "She is supportive and we met before Ozzfest 2004, and being on tour is all we ever knew as a couple, so it's what I do and what I am," Peters said about his missus. "She has gone beyond accepting that and understands it. Marriage, for us, and this should be the case for everyone, if I may be so bold, is when people need to find a new life out of both their lives, not re-adjust to create one life."

Those are some powerful, philosophical words but they ring incredibly true. "We were coming together for something, rather than sacrificing," Peters continued. Being married to a touring musician affords band wives some decent perks, too! "She has come with me to a few places and it's not a vacation, since we play shows and it's work, but she has come to Brazil and Australia with us. She has flown out when we recorded 'Vendetta' out East, too."

While Peters holds his PR degree, guitarist Mark Choiniere is an avid surfer. "He has this not-so-secret life," Peters said. "It's a whole other life, with his surfing comrades and this whole culture. He does that year-round and he'll make trips out to surf down the coast." Bassist Mark Mitchell is also into motorcycles. "He is a grease monkey," who works with members of Eighteen Visions and Combichrist on their vehicles.