Noisecreep is pleased to premiere 'The Leper,' a new song from the Very End's 'Mercy and Misery.' It's Swedish-influenced, melodic metal that'll make thunder roar in your ceiling and bolts of lightning shoot out your living room walls.

"'The Leper' is like a German thrash metal tank," singer Bjorn Goosses told Noisecreep, "an ultimately heavy mid-tempo groover, combined with a subtle Black Sabbath theme in the chorus guitars." Goosses' assessment of the song is dead on, and not just because he is biased and sings on it.

Listen to 'The Leper'

Goosses continued, "Lyric-wise, this song deals with an obvious dead-end road you still want to follow, even if you know it won't be for good, turning you into a kind of leprous outcast."

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