Southern metal stallions the Showdown celebrate their native region's culture with the video for 'The Man Named Hell.' Monster trucks? Check. Pyro? Check. Dirt Bikes? Yep, those are present, too. While the band's new album, 'Blood in the Gears,' addresses the ramifications of empires and how they ripple through history and boasts a heavy, provocative narrative structure, 'The Man Named Hell' clip allows the band to let loose and live a little, so to speak.

Guitarist Josh Childers told Noisecreep that "the video for 'The Man Named Hell' is basically just us doing our thing on 10. Most of us ride, and all of us love monster trucks, pyro and dirt bikes. We've always just been a bunch of metalheads from the South with a little heart. We keep it simple and have a good time."


Childers continued, "The messages on the record can get pretty heavy, and we wanted to keep it in mind that music can have a message and still be fun. After all, as much as we want to use the platform we've got to say something good, is a good time not the best message to spread?"

Noisecreep couldn't agree more.

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