Oh, Sleeper frontman Micah Kinard is a Christian and doesn't feel he's writing about a fictional, mythical character on the metalcore band's latest release, 'Son of the Morning,' when he writes about the Devil. "I don't think you can have one without the other," says Kinard. "I'm not going to look at the Bible and invest my entire faith into it and just pick it apart and take bits and pieces of it. I accept it as a whole. And the Devil is definitely a part of it."

The album, which begins with 'Son of the Morning' and ends with 'The Finisher,' details the final battle between the Devil and God. "Throughout the album, [the Devil is] saying he's going to make his rise and then the rest of the album is God speaking to different people and preparing them to face what's coming, through dreams and visions," says Kinard. "The very last song is God's direct reply to the Devil in the first song, where God puts him in his place and reminds him that he's the writer of his dream, that he made him and nothing is going to happen that God hasn't already foreseen."

Kinard even read the Satanic Bible to gather more knowledge on all things 666 and discovered there was a lot of pity for the fallen angel. "Through looking further into Christianity, I definitely had a curiously about what the whole story was behind Lucifer," says Kinard. "I really wanted to portray a new representation of Satan of revealing his pride, the thing that curses him and plagues him. He's already one of the most beautiful angels, but he wants more and more and more."

But the real question is this: Would Kinard ever sell his soul to the Devil to make it in the music business? "No," he says, laughing.

The band -- Kinard, guitarists Shane Blay and James Erwin, bassist Lucas Starr and drummer Matt Davis -- will make it the old fashioned way -- hard work. They wrap up their tour with Every Time I Die and Bring Me the Horizon Oct. 11. Then the next day, they hook up with the Chariot, We Came as Romans, and Dead and Divine until Nov. 1. After a little break that month, they will join Impending Doom and the Showdown until Christmas.

"Our plan is just to stay on the road and play as many shows as we can," says Kinard, mentioning no word of soul-selling. "Last album cycle we played 300-plus shows and this year we set up for more. Ever since the album came out [late August], we've been on the road solid. They're already starting on booking all of January and February."