The Overseer, newly signed to Solid State, will drop their debut We Search, We Dig, on June 19. But leading up to the album release, band bassist Bradley Riggs offered his detailed predictions for the 2012 NBA Playoffs to Noisecreep. Anyone want to bet him? He's a serious hoops fan, and he's as detailed and as thorough as a Las Vegas bookie, so check it out and then hit him up via Twitter if you'd like to continue to the courtside conversation so to speak. He encourages you to do so via his @thebradleyseer Twitter handle.

Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics - Miami Heat

So let's start with this side of bracket. Truthfully, I don't see Boston seriously threatening Miami even if Chris Bosh isn't healthy for the Heat. The Celtics squeaked by a 76ers team who squeaked into the playoffs. Now after a seven game series, they are worn down and that bunch of vets needs rest to be at 100%.

Long story short, it's not so much as to what the Heat need to do right as to what the Celtics can't do right with this match up. Boston came up short last year against LeBron James and the Heat and aren't even as good as they were when that happened.

Analysis: Miami Heat in 5 (4-1)

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Western Conference Finals: Oklahoma City Thunder - San Antonio Spurs

Now this match up is quite a bit tougher to read and predict than the first. OKC seems primed to accomplish the goal that this young, brilliantly built team so earnestly wants. They have fire power galore, youth, excellent front and back courts, and even experience! You read all of that and say "Okay so what's the problem? Sounds like a no brainer!"

But then here comes the savvy San Antonio Spurs. You know, the overall No. 1 seed! Somehow everyone has over looked them this entire season as Popovich and his crew of Duncan, Parker, Ginobli, and a bunch of other dudes you've never heard of play smart, mistake-free basketball. They are labeled as "old" but have a handful of young key role players. So does that balance out? Is that enough to stop the red hot Thunder? I mean the Spurs have won a franchise record 18 straight headed into this series. So really aren't they the red hot team?! But with that argument being made i think they'll still come up short as they wont be able to win on OKC's floor and the athletic Thunder will steal one in San Antonio.

Analysis: Oklahoma City Thunder in 6 (4-2)

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THE NBA FINALS: Oklahoma City Thunder - Miami Heat

Now that's a headline! So many All-Stars. So many team USA members on the court at once! This would be Kevin Durant's, Russell Westbrook's, James Harden's, and Serge Ibaka's first of what I'm sure will be many finals appearances. I specifically mention those four because they're all younger than I am, and I am only on the brink of 24!

Then you have the big three of South Beach. LeBron James, the best player in the game no question; Dwayne Wade, a Top 5 overall when he decides to play as opposed to using all of his energy to whine to the refs; and Chris Bosh, who, in my opinion, is the most important key to the Heats half court offense! Let's keep the focus right there. Bosh has to return from his abdominal injury and play a major role if LeBron is going to get his first ring. Because we know the Heat run and are freakishly athletic on the break, but if there's one team on planet earth that can match them in that area, it's got be OKC! The Thunder are the most exciting team to watch right now but when it comes down to winning it all, I think they are still one year away. Miami and LeBron would have back-to-back finals appearances and I just don't see them coming up short this year.

Analysis: Miami in 7 (4-3) LeBron James wins finals MVP and for a few months silences his many haters.

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The Overseer's album, We Search, We Dig, will hit stores on June 19 via Solid State Records.

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