The BodyThe Body -- no, not wrestler-cum-governor Jesse Ventura, rather the Providence, R.I.-based experimental doom duo -- have dropped a new album, 'All the Waters of Earth Turned to Blood,' via At a Loss. The limited-to-500, double-gatefold vinyl edition is available now, and a CD version should be available soon.

The album's second cut, 'The Curse,' is also available for download. The track begins with a staticky sample and a steadfast drumbeat before evolving into a full-on assault of the senses complete with callous, distant banshee wails. There's also piano on the track, but not in the way you might think.

Though formed 11 years ago, the Body -- Chip King and Lee Buford -- have only two full-length records in their discography to date (and that's including 'All the Waters ...'), although they do have a number of EPs and other miscellaneous releases to their credit. Currently, the band is preparing an extensive summer tour.

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