Suffokate are currently on the road as part of the Small Town Shakedown Tour with the Ghost Inside and For the Fallen Dreams and will release their Century Media debut, 'No Mercy, No Forgiveness,' on Feb. 23. Guitarist Taylor checked in with Noisecreep from the road, saying, "We are extremely excited to share the stage with our friends the Ghost Inside and For The Fallen Dreams. This tour incorporates the new generation of hardcore and death metal. Fans should expect high energy along with great musicianship. All in all, this tour is going to be a good time with good friends!"

Taylor also revealed that he makes sure to bring his iPod, deodorant and toothbrush on the road with him, so he probably is more hygienic than a lot of other band dudes that live on the road.

As for the music, Taylor said metal fans will dig Suffokate because "we have to be the constant groove throughout our songs. When we started the band in 2003, we wanted to blend all of our favorite styles of music into one band. Our goal has always been to appeal to all kinds of music lovers. If you enjoy heavy and aggressive music, our new record is for you."

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