'Hello Chose Me' is the first single and title track from the new Carnifex album, and thanks to our friends over at Revolver the video for the blast beat fantastic song has been unleashed.

"To make an interesting video you kind of have to sacrifice some things," vocalist Scott Lewis told Noisecreep earlier this month about the deathcore outfit's third video. What ended up getting axed from the process was a storyboard to follow the exact topic of the song, the Waco, Texas massacre of 1993 as voiced through a perception of cult leader David Koresh. Lewis describes the video to Revolver as an "an entertaining and original concept." And on top of that, the video is an introduction to the rotting demon from the album's cover art.

Carnifex are currently on tour with Unearth on the Atticus Metal II Tour until next week when they begin a headlining tour with Annotations of an Autopsy and Suffokate in support.

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