Suffokate will return to the metal scene later this year with a new album called 'Return to Despair' and the band is admittedly excited to demonstrate a new side of itself to the world.

"We feel that everyone stepped it up on the new material," vocalist Ricky Hoover told Noisecreep. "Our drummer Lars Diaz has far exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be happier with the drums on this record. The guitar work of Taylor Jones has only gotten better over the years and he did not disappoint this time. We are very happy with all the riffage that this record brings along with our always crushingly heavy breakdowns. He wrote and recorded all the guitars and bass."

While Hoover was quick to heap the deserving praise on his bandmates, he always reserves criticism for himself. "I'm never very happy with how my vocals sound recorded or in general," he admitted. "Our last release 'No Mercy No Forgiveness' was a record I was very happy with, but didn't feel satisfied on how it showcased my vocal abilities." However, the worm has turned regarding his viewpoint on his own work on 'Return to Despair.' Hoover said, "I personally feel a hundred percent satisfied. I do more voices, sound stronger and more confident, and made sure to make every word understandable. On the last record, despite what most people think, I did all the vocals myself, and on this record I did the same thing except for some gang vocal parts. I feel that lyrically and vocal pattern-wise, this is a catchier record for sure."

Aside from vocal clarity, Hoover's unwavering goal was to encourage crowd participation, saying, "I made sure to have parts kids will want to sing with and I hope they do." Guess you'll have to head to a Suffokate show to find out if Hoover succeeded!

Watch 'Not the Fallen' from Suffokate

A near-constant touring schedule informed Hoover's lyrics on 'Return to Despair.' Hoover said, "The last three years of touring constantly have given me the chance to see a lot of things. I have seen how people really are and how the music industry is. This record is about me turning my back on everything and everyone and wanting to be alone to die. This is a very personal record and these songs mean so much to me cause unknown to most people close to me I've battled depression all my life. It's a very dark record that I hope all the fans can relate to. I hope all the fans love it as much as Taylor, Lars and I do."

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