Straight Line Stitch

We're going to be honest. The video for Straight Line Stitch's 'Never See the Day' is a bit creepy, but we mean that in the best way possible. It has almost a 'CSI' vibe to it. The song comes on like gangbusters, with the band -- most notably striking frontwoman Alexis Brown -- performing in an abandoned warehouse. There's a plot, including a hooded man sitting in a chair, while Brown, cloaked in white, gyrates around him. There's an FBI raid, screaming, chaos. And Brown's' dreads are practically a supporting character in the video's cast, as she whips them around like a weapon while singing her heart out and her ass off!

"I enjoyed making the video for 'Never See the Day,' because it is our first video with an actual storyline," Brown told Noisecreep. "The concept for the song is well-portrayed in the video and is fairly easy for the viewer to follow along. It was really rad to interact with the actors and actually have to act myself. It was truly an awesome experience!"


Even though Brown enjoyed making the video, Mother Nature was the only downside of the experience -- and even that wasn't super negative. "The only thing that sucked about making the video was the weather, and that wasn't really so bad. It was just super cold, but we all survived and I think the video turned out great," Brown finished.

You can see the day now by watching our exclusive video premiere.

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