Metal fans will get to know Straight Line Stitch this summer as the band performs on the side stage of the Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Fest, supporting its new album, 'The Fight of Our Lives.' Noisecreep recently asked vocalist Alexis Brown to share 11 facts about herself that fans might be interested to know.

In addition to being a stunning head turner with an absolutely beautiful and brutal voice, Brown is quite an interesting young lady. Apparently, the singer had extra fingers on each of her hands at birth, devours cheesy romance novels, and loves to text when buzzed.

Without further ado, Noisecreep presents 11 Things You Didn't Know About Alexis Brown:

1. I have an extra finger on each of my hands that was cut off when I was a baby. All that's left is two little bumps... Yeah, I have a total of 12 fingers.

2. I'm in love with Walt Disney's Goofy character.

3. I'm an avid Harlequin Romance reader (the old school ones.)

4. I'm an old school horror fanatic and can talk about it all day.

5. My cat's name is Waffles which is Goofy's cats name on the cartoon 'Gooftroop.'

6. I'm totally and painfully shy.

7. I've never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

8. Nama Sushi is my favorite restaurant back home.

9. My performance voice is totally different than my talking voice... People say I sound like a cartoon character.

10. When I drink, I tend to drunk text!

11. I'm a huge Celtics fan! Rondo and Garnett ... guard the net baby!!

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