While some people may roll their eyes at a tour called 'The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock,' In This Moment vocalist Maria Brink is quick to point out that the tour's actual full name is 'The Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock: Hell Hath No Fury,' a phrase borrowed from William Shakespeare.

"In This Moment's tour name is Hell Hath No Fury," Brink told Noisecreep. "Since Revolver endorses and presents the tour, we added the 'Hottest Chicks' part on, since that is the [name of their] annual issue. We didn't name the tour, that's part of the Revolver branding! I can understand [how] people might take it the wrong way ... but me, as an individual? I know that we have been around for a long time and worked a long time to get from the bottom to where we are now. We have integrity. We have done so many tours and played for so many crowds. We know who we are."

Brink said that the tour, which In This Moment are headlining, is not about "what I look like or my body type or having big breasts. It's still about the music."

The singer is also quite comfortable being a girl in a male-dominated genre of music. "I express myself as an artist in different ways," she said. "I know I am more on the sexual side in terms of my appearance, which is something that the metal world is not used to. But I am comfortable with it. It's how I express my art, and myself."

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