There was probably more anticipation for Prometheus, Ridley Scott's "prequel" to his 1979 sci-fi/horror classic Alien than any film this year. Now that it's out, nerds unite! We meet the Space Jockeys. We find out what the HR Giger-designed ship was doing on that doomy rock of a planet: LV-426. They even out-gross the good 'ol' chest-burster with a C-Section birth featuring a Lovecrafian alien.

So Noisecreep asked a number of metal and hard rock artists whether they were pro-metheus or con-metheus after seeing the flick. Here's what we got.

Oderus Urungus (GWAR): "It's sad to see Ridley Scott enter the Eyes Wide Shut part of his career. That is the part where his movies start to suck. This film was an ill-crafted mess whose sole redeeming feature was the special effects. Please, no more fucking prequels!"

Herman Li (guitar, DragonForce): "I liked it but some of it was a B-Grade scary movie. You've got some really smart scientists rushing into things – like a bunch of teenage kids. Kinda like Scream meets HR Giger. I was near the middle of the IMAX 3D and I was still seeing double!"

Alexis Brown (vocals, Straight Line Stitch): "I enjoyed it. AWESOME! This was my first 3D movie and it was an intense experience."

Emily Burton (bass, Fireball Ministry): "It's totally awesome- as solid a sci-fi action flick as Alien with a kick-ass female lead, creepy robot, and a crew whose fate is a deli tray of gruesome deaths, but with new mind-blowing special effects."

Mark Heylum (guitar, Suicide Silence): "Shit was visually awesome especially in IMAX 3D. I can see how people can point out holes in the plot but I still liked it."

Robert Meadows (vocals, A Life Once Lost): "Movies like this do not carry a strong story line and this is no different. The footage and audio was unreal but that can only pull me in so far. I give it a 2/5."

Blasko (bass, Ozzy Osbourne/Mercenary Management): "To me, it captured the feel of Alien and tackled some unanswered questions that were acceptable to me. I don't typically over complicate my enjoyment of a film by critiquing the cinematography or pointing out the lull in the third act. Either it fired me up or not. This flick did the job."

Hiran Deraniyagala (guitar, Battlecross): "The film took an approach to the Alien series that I was not expecting. As a long-time fan of the Alien series, I can't say I'm completely satisfied but when it comes to "edge of your seat-cringing-gory-suspense, director Ridley Scott has still got it."

Chris Grigg (Woe): "I wish the plot as as inspired as the visuals but even so, Ridley Scott still does sci-fi better than anyone else. I was left wanting to watch Alien again."

Jonny Davy (vocals, Job for a Cowboy): "I was waiting months for this damned movie. So much potential behind it all with the backing of Ridley Scott. But damn it fell short due to horrible writing and plot holes. I want to punch the script maker in the mouth. The planet of LV-426 is bummed."

Zac Ohler (vocals, Strong Intention): "The Extinction of mankind? Please let me pull up a chair and get a front row seat so I can enjoy the apocalypse in style !! The crew should have always remembered not to believe what they had been told ... there is no such thing ... as streets of gold."

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CT (vocals, Rwake): "It is about time. I go to the movies a lot, and the only films that seem to actually move me anymore are independent films. Thank you Ridley Scott. The acting is very good thanks to great direction. The sets are incredible and the cinematography is the frickin shit! I love the stories between the good and the band, and I love the way the creator looks. It's very believable to me. The surgery scene is fucking lovely. Thank you again, Ridley Scott."

Rani Sharone (drummer, Stolen Babies): "As my pet facehugger Iago says...Best Lovecraftian horror maze with a budget since Carpenter's The Thing!"

Andrew Hulme (drummer, West of Hell) "The movie is kick ass! A killer prequel to the Alien movies. Has some amazing visuals and has some pretty interesting ideas about the origins of mankind ... enough to piss a few people off! Also filthy alien creatures growing inside their human host scenes are always a good time!"

The Verdict: Looks great. Yet, Prometheus is less satisfying than it's 1979 predecessor on a story-telling level. Our recommendation: spend an extra couple bucks and go get visually head-fucked in all of its 3-D/IMAX glory.

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