Static-X vocalist/guitarist Wayne Static – he of the sky-high hair and scraggly beard - asked Megadeth's Dave Mustaine to appear on the track 'Lunatic' from his band's industrial-aggro new album, 'Cult of Static,' in an unorthodox way. Static asked the legend to participate while doing a live, on-air radio interview.

"We had become good friends when we toured in Australia together on the last record," Static (real name: Wayne Wells) told Noisecreep. "We hung out every night during that tour. When he got back from the tour, he was a guest on 'Rockline.' The show is taped right down the street from where I live so I went down to say 'hi' to him and they put me on the air and I asked him." Static says he wasn't nervous because it wasn't like asking a chick out on a date and having a 50-50 chance of her accepting! "I knew he'd say 'yes,'" Static says. "It's not like I was putting him on the spot. It was a lot of fun."

Static, who likes to deem the band 'evil disco,' also reveals a little about the Static-X writing process, in relation to 'Lunatic,' saying, "I had that song in mind as the writing progressed, since I thinking about what song would be good to have him play on. I could hear his playing for that specific song, so we saved a spot for him in the song. That's how it works. I write the songs on my own and save room for things like guitar solos or vocals parts that [bassist] Tony [Campos] comes up with."

'Cult of Static' is in stores now. Static also talked to Noisecreep about the band's decade of releasing albums, the gnarlier, less-polished sound of 'Cult,' being a gearhead and how his relationship with his new wife, former adult film actress Tera Wray, influenced the album. More on that soon!

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