On Nov. 3, speedy thrash metal engineers Slayer will issue their 10th studio LP, 'World Painted Blood,' an album the guys enlisted producer Greg Fidelman to help them bring to brutal life. As you might expect, 'World Painted Blood' is a punishing assault on the senses, and the album's title track is no different. It picks up where 'The Final Six,' from Slayer's 2006 set 'Christ Illusion,' left off, according to guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

"It's about the end of the world," he explains. But every song has a story. The story of how it came to be ... whether sparked by a simple riff, a torso-rattling bassline, or lyrics sprung forth from the frontman's twisted imagination. In this case, it was two minds, coming together to create metallic chaos.

In the background of this exclusive clip we're proud to be bringing you, you'll be able to hear portions of the track. It shreds, and remember ... it can be all yours when 'World Painted Blood' is released upon the world.

According to frontman Tom Araya, he had "lyric ideas for a song ... not necessarily that song, but I had ideas for a song, and Jeff ... I presented them to Jeff, to see if he could use them and he used them." Araya says the track is a dynamic song, and we agree with him that it's "one of the more classic Slayer songs," because, as he points out, "this one had a lot of things going on in it. To me, this one was the special song. It's the one songs where you can tell you'll start song sets with."

When Lombardo first heard what Hanneman had written, he was both excited and intimidated. "That drum pattern, when I heard it, I go, 'Jeff, what are you going to do ... you're gong to kill me, by me having to perform this drum beat.' I thought it was going to be difficult, but it ended up being fairly easy."