Slayer, 'World Painted Blood'Since their inception in 1983, one of the founding fathers of thrash, Slayer, have attracted metal audiences since day one. With lightning fast riffs and aggressive lyrics album after album, it's no surprise that on the day of their 11th studio release they would continue in the same fashion.

The new album, titled 'World Painted Blood,' was produced by Greg Fidelman (Metallica, Slipknot, Life of Agony) and executive producer Rick Rubin (Down, Danzig, Linkin Park). In comparison to past releases, the latest from the Huntington Park, Calif. band has really fused in a lot of classic Slayer elements from past releases into one. For longtime fans of Slayer, expect nothing less than sheer brutality, and new material to sink your teeth in.

With the new release out to the masses, there will be a short delay on appearances, including the band's postponement of their Canadian Carnage Tour, set to begin on Nov. 8 with Megadeth. Due to a recent back injury suffered by lead vocalist Tom Araya, Araya has been directed under the physician's orders to perform an immeidate surgical procedure which is slated to take place this morning.

As this not only affects their upcoming tour, the band has also stated in a press release that they will be postponing their upcoming appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' Guitarist Kerry King states, "While all four of us are dissapointed that we won't be able to see through all of our commitments set for the next few weeks, the most important thing is Tom's health."

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