Northern California pop punkers Set Your Goals recently wrapped up their run on the Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour. The sextet called the trek (which also included New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, and This Time Next Year) the best tour in the band's history – which says something given these guys go back to 2004.

"We were totally in our element," said co-vocalist Jordan Brown backstage at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California after the tour's third to last show. "The crowd for a tour like this is so high energy and we feed off of that."

Matt Wilson, Set Your Goals' other vocalist wholeheartedly agreed. "We're also friends with all of the bands on this tour which made it extra fun. Seriously, this is as good as it's ever been for us."

While on the road, despite the bubble that many bands tend to live in while traveling, Set your Goals had a brush with the Occupy movement that has been setting up camp in various cities around the country (and now around the world).

Charles Epting

"In Salt Lake City, Utah, the Occupy folks were right up by the venue so we got to check that out and hear what was going on," said Brown. "I know up in Northern California where I live it's been kind of crazy lately so it was interesting to see some of this firsthand."

The band is taking some time off between now and March, but they are doing a special headlining tour that will include four dates on the west coast and then a short swing along the east coast while also squeezing in a few dates in Mexico and South America in February.

Watch Set Your Goals' 'Certain' Video

They'd also like fans to know that they edit their own Facebook pages and do all of their own tweeting. "That's all us, 100%" said Wilson. "It's important to us to stay in touch with our fans and we never pass that responsibility along to anyone else. We like the direct contact."

Asked what band he may have followed as a young fan, Brown did not hesitate. "Metallica," he smiled. "Can you imagine being inside their world way back when?"

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