Fact - 'Fact' - Vagrant
As much of today's metal is influenced by national borders, this week Noisecreep is going to take a trip to Japan to introduce the latest from Vagrant records. Blending catchy melodies with heavy double pedal bass drums and electronic lyrics, Fact is a band that sets itself in a class of its own. With their self titled debut releasing in the states, I highly suggest for everyone to check out this album if you've recently tuned to the melodic / experimental metal that is out now from the likes of such bands including HORSE The Band and Iwrestledabearonce.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - 'Agorapocalypse' - Relapse
Some bands can get their musical vision across with one vocalist. Other bands like Set Your Goals could use the assistance of two vocalists--- but three? Oh yeah. That's Agoraphobic Nosebleed. With agressive grindcore coming to you faster than a 30 minute delivery from Domino's Pizza (really I dare you to chalenge me on that) the Springfield, Massachusetts quartet bring you their seventh album with over a decade of experience under their belts. If you enjoy the sounds and screams of artists including Pig Destroyer and Enemy Soil then look no further.
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I See Stars - '3D' - Sumerian
Through distorted, electronic vocals and hardcore influenced breakdowns emerges the new class act from Sumerian Records this week. Upon listening I got a feel for sounds similar to that of the latest Raunchy album, 'Wasteland Discotheque' with a combination of a heavier Drop Dead Gorgeous and The Devil Wears Prada. What sets them apart from the rest though is that their sound catches faster and leaves you wondering what else they have up their sleeve musically.
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Thick As Blood - 'Embrace' - Eulogy
Following up from their Eulogy debut 'Moment Of Truth' Miami, Florida's Thick As Blood is not only raising the bar, but the heat as well. Rooted in the traditional hardcore sound, they break the barriers this time around and bring forth a thrash-like sound in a new track of their album titled 'Decimator' as well as some strong melodies in "Misery Loves Company". I'd have to say that of all the albums releasing this week I took a strong liking to this album for their consistent, precise musicianship as well as their diversity throughout the course of the album.
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Brutal Truth - 'Evolution Through Revolution' - Relapse
New York City; I salute you this week not only for some amazing pizza, but also Brutal Truth! Early pioneers of the grindcore scene return this week with their latest full length after ten, long years on Relapse Records. Hitting hard and hitting fast from start to finish, this album shows strong potential for some of their best material to date in my opinion. My only hope is that out of this album they can somehow pull another Guiness World Record that is longer than 2.18 seconds.
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