A Plea for PurginsLast week, we debuted our guide to the Scream the Prayer Tour, where we polled some of the bands about what new songs and/or merch we could expect, which of their fellow tour mates they were looking to check out out, what the tour means to them and their favorite summertime activity when growing up -- since touring is the numero uno activity of band dudes in their formative years.

This time around, we chatted with A Plea For Purging, Hundreth, Blessed by a Broken Heart and In the Midst of Lions.

A Plea For Purging's Andy Atkins

New Stuff: "Expect a Plea Party every day. Bring your beach wear. Come ready to jam hard and laugh harder. We will have all new merch designs, tons of new shirt designs, tank tops, long sleeves, hoodies, basketball shorts, booty shorts, posters, and much more. We have a new record coming out July 6, 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,' and you will be able to pick that up at our table for only $5 every night of the tour. We will be playing songs from the new record as well as some of our favorites off of 'Depravity.' We'll be hanging out at our table and also setting up a tent outside for massive hangs. So come find us for good times!"

Tour Mates to Check Out: "HUNDERDTH! That band is incredible. We have had the pleasure of touring with them before. They are a solid band and awesome dudes. I also have to catch the BBABH set. Those dudes are ridiculous. There are some new bands I am unfamiliar with on this year's tour, so I am sure to check them out as well."

What STP Means: "The longest, most tiring tour of the year. But I can't wait. We are gonna be hanging with kids all over the country! We are hitting tons of festivals on the tour. It should be great times."

Summertime Activity: "We used to get like 75 yards of black plastic and run it down my a huge hill in my friend's front yard. It was the biggest, fastest slip 'n slide I have ever been a part of. At the end of the summer, there would just be a huge mud slide in the yard. Their parents were bummed but still let us do it every year. Maybe we can make one of those happen at a venue on STP this year. I hope!"

Blessed by a Broken Heart's Tony Gambino

New Stuff: "You can always have high expectations when it comes to Blessed by a Broken Heart. We will be sure to bring it. Sick light show, high energy stage show. We have some sweet new merch designs and we will be playing some rad new songs from our upcoming album!"

Tour Mates to Check Out: "I am stoked to see what all the bands are going to bring. But I know for sure that our homies in A Plea for Purging and For Today won't disappoint."

What STP Means: "Depends who's asking, haha! Nah, it's good times for sure. We played the first STP tour and had a blast. So many good bands and great friends. I can only assume that this one will be just as good! We are looking forward to good clean fun in positive environment, and being able to share what we are all about."

Summertime Activity: "Hmm, well I was a wild child. So I had lots of faves. Pretty much anything that included adrenaline and risking my life: dirt bikes, snowboarding, flipping off 100 foot cliffs into water ... you get the picture. But I would have to say that snowboarding takes the cake for me. Building massive jumps with friends and not coming home until the sun is down and I can barely walk. Good times!"

Hundreth's Chadwick

New Stuff: "We will be playing songs off our record that just came out and we will have some new shirt designs. We are probably pretty new to a lot of people that are coming out to the tour, so we are excited to hang out."

Tour Mates to Check Out: "Definitely the doodoodboys in Plea. For Today are sweet, too. It'll be cool to see Maylene also."

What STP Means: "Sounds like a lot of sweaty, smelly dudes, cookouts and, hopefully, some bridge jumping."

Summertime Activity: "My favorite activity as a kid has gotta be anything sports-related, or Pop-Ice Popsicles and the water park or skating in my driveway. That's just all I pretty much did."

In the Midst of Lions' Alex Livingston

New Stuff: "On this coming tour, you can expect new merch such as long sleeves, tank tops, jackets and even pillow cases! Also be prepared to hear a couple of new songs off our upcoming release, 'The Heart of Man.'"

Tour Mates to Check Out: "Pretty much every single one! Every band has something awesome to bring to the table. We are very excited about the whole package, but we are excited about hearing new Maylene live."

What STP Means: "We are very pumped about STP, just to have the opportunity to tour with such amazing bands. Every year has such a great lineup, and it's an honor to be a part of it this time around."

Summertime Activity: "Slip and slides, canoeing, snorkeling, swimming. But mainly slip 'n slides. Anything water based, because it's hot outside and what would be more fun? Oh and don't forget Cornerstone Festival!"

Scream the Prayer Tour dates

7/2 -- Nashville, TN -- Rockettown

7/3 -- Charlotte, NC -- Amos

7/4 -- Douglasville, GA -- The 7 Venue

7/5 -- Orlando, FL -- Lyrica

7/6 -- Jacksonville, FL -- Murray Hill Theatre

7/7 -- Birmingham, AL -- The Vineyard

7/8 -- Pensacola, FL -- American Legion

7/9 -- Houston, TX -- The Warsaw

7/10 -- San Antonio, TX -- White Rabbit

7/11 -- Dallas, TX -- The Door

7/12 -- Tulsa, OK -- The Marquee

7/13 -- Memphis, TN -- The Arbor

7/14 -- Louisville, KY -- Headliners

7/16 -- Willmar, MN -- Sonshine Festival

7/17 -- Omaha, NE -- Grace University

7/18 -- St Louis, MO -- Firebird

7/20 -- Albuquerque, NM -- Sunshine Theatre

7/22 -- Las Vegas, NV -- The Farm

7/23 -- San Diego, CA -- Epicenter

7/24 -- Pomona, CA -- Glasshouse

7/25 -- Orangevale, CA -- Club Retro

7/27 -- Seattle, WA -- Studio Seven

7/31 -- Denver, CO -- Heavenfest

8/3 -- Dayton, OH -- The Attic

8/5 -- Gilford, NH -- Soulfest

8/6 -- Vineland, NJ -- Hangar 84

8/7 -- Allentown, PA -- Crocodile Rock

8/8 -- Baltimore, MD -- Sonar

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