It's shaping up to be a busy and food-filled summer for Christian metal merchants A Plea For Purging. The band has re-signed with spirit-based label Facedown Records after recording three albums for the company. In August, A Plea For Purging will head into Random Awesome studio with Josh Schroeder to record the follow up to 2010's terrifically mosh-able and terrifyingly brutal 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.'

"Plea will be spending the summer renting pontoon boats, grilling out burgers and dogs, going on weekend camping trips, and writing a record," vocalist Andy Atkins recently told Noisecreep. "We'll periodically pull ourselves from the grind of hanging with our friends and writing bodacious tunes to play a few summer festivals and select shows within our immediate region. At the end of the summer we hope to have gained a few more pounds and written the best Plea album yet."

Sounds like a plan with plenty of noble goals! Congrats to both A Plea For Purging and Facedown Records for not missing a beat and for choosing to continue their fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship. Noisecreep cannot wait to hear the follow up to 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.'

Watch the video for 'Malevolence' by A Plea for Purging

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