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For Today Guitarist Says There’s ‘No Such Thing as a Gay Christian’
Christian metal band For Today has caused a bit of an online raucous, courtesy of their guitarist Mike Reynolds, who steadfastly declared that "homosexuality is a sin" and that there is "no such thing as a gay Christian." The guitarist made these inflammatory, anti-gay statements on Twitter relating to a pastor named Louie Giglio who was supposed to deliver the Benediction at t
For Today Drummer David Morrison Leaves Band to Become a Missionary
For Today drummer David Morrison has announced that he will be stepping down as drummer for the Christian metalcore band. Morrison will be moving to South America in September to do missions work in Ecuador through Extreme Nazarene. The For Today replacement drummer will be David Puckett, formerly of the band The Crimson Armada...
Facedown Fest 2011: A Sense of Unity — Live Review
On April 8th and 9th, Facedown Records held the 11th annual Facedown Fest at the Glass House in Pomona, California, bringing together fans of metal, hardcore, and punk rock with a positive spirit and a sense of unity. Early attendees on Day One got a taste of Facedown's newer metalcore acts such as Messengers and Saving Grace, who gave fans a taste of youthful aggression, and HANDS, who showcased
Scream the Prayer Tour: ‘Expect a Plea Party Every Day’
Last week, we debuted our guide to the Scream the Prayer Tour, where we polled some of the bands about what new songs and/or merch we could expect, which of their fellow tour mates they were looking to check out out, what the tour means to them and their favorite summertime activity when growing up -- since touring is the numero uno activity of band dudes in their formative years...
Scream the Prayer Tour ‘Will Have People Talking’
The third annual Scream the Prayer tour will kick off its third year of rocking and worshiping on June 30 at Cornerstone in Illinois. It is the premiere faith-based hard rock/metal tour and boasts a lineup so tough it could force even the most seasoned, UFC veteran to tap out...
Interview with Facedown Records Founder Jason Dunn
Facedown Records is one the preeminent names in the Christian metal scene, so Noisecreep decided to talk to founder Jason Dunn about the label's philosophies, key releases over the years, swimming with sharks -- which isn't a metaphor for the music industry feeding frenzy -- and why the annual Facedown Fest was canceled this year...
Facedown Records, ‘Spring Sampler’ — New Album
If you ask anyone born after 1996 and beyond, they'll probably tell you that all music is supposed to be free, but that's not how it used to work all ye of the iPod and download generation. That's why we still get excited about a free label sampler, like the spring 2010 Facedown Records offering...
For Today, ‘Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger)’ – Video
Facedown Records' brawlers For Today have just unleashed the video for 'Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger),' from their latest album 'Portraits' -- not to be confused with Bury Tomorrow's upcoming release of the same name. For this video, For Today worked with Drew Russ and vocalist Mattie Montgomery said, "He was a ton of fun, and he really took our loose concept for a video and made it his own

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