Blessed by a Broken Heart are gearing up to release 'Feel the Power' on Jan. 24 via their label home Tooth & Nail, and now the band is giving Noisecreep this exclusive taste of the song 'Forever.'

With a Stryper-like vocal intro and plenty of over-the-top solos courtesy of Shred Sean, the anthemic track should whet the appetite of not only fans of the band, but really, anyone that appreciates high octane hard rock. "I remember being sent the demo for 'Forever' back when it had no vocals and it was called 'Feel the Power," guitarist Sam Ryder told Noisecreep about the genesis and early phases of the song.

"Even then in the pre-production stage, I felt like it was a standout track," says Ryder.

The song took on even greater meaning for Ryder himself, and he used it as an opportunity to show the band what he was made of. He said, "Personally, it's a big song for me. It was the first track I started writing vocals on. I wasn't 'in the band' officially at that point, so I felt inclined to show the guys what I could do and more importantly, add something killer to the music the guys had created."

Listen to 'Forever' From Blessed by a Broken Heart

Ryder continued, "It was July 2010 and we were a week into the Scream the Prayer tour. We had our bus parked outside the venue in Pensacola, Florida, and we played the demo for the guys who wanted to hear some new stuff and I started jamming along and singing a load of nonsense. One line kept coming up, though. It was: 'In my life I've had things that couldn't last forever.' I recorded it into my phone and tracked out the hook with [drummer] Slater and Tony [Gambino, vocals] at our next stop."

'Forever' will be available tomorrow on iTunes and be prepared to 'Feel the Power' on Jan. 24 when Blessed by a Broken Heart's new album hits stores.

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