Blessed By a Broken Heart

Blessed by a Broken Heart, ‘Forever’ — Song Premiere
Blessed by a Broken Heart are gearing up to release 'Feel the Power' on Jan. 24 via their label home Tooth & Nail, and now the band is giving Noisecreep this exclusive taste of the song 'Forever.' With a Stryper-like vocal intro and plenty of over-the-top solos courtesy of Shred Sean, the anthemic track should whet the appetite of not only fans of the band, but really, anyone that apprec
Scream the Prayer Tour: ‘Expect a Plea Party Every Day’
Last week, we debuted our guide to the Scream the Prayer Tour, where we polled some of the bands about what new songs and/or merch we could expect, which of their fellow tour mates they were looking to check out out, what the tour means to them and their favorite summertime activity when growing up -- since touring is the numero uno activity of band dudes in their formative years...
Blessed by a Broken Heart Bassist Apologizes For Racist Joke
Dave Mustaine has been a walking quote machine this last week or so. The Megadeth chieftain has been lashing out at his record label, European music journalists and even his fellow musicians. In an Oct. 21 post on Megadeth's official forum, Mustaine chastised Blessed by a Broken Heart's bassist, Tyler Hoare, for alleged racist comments that he made...
Blessed by a Broken Heart Reveal Unlikely Influences
If you have already heard Blessed by a Broken Heart's 2008 album, 'Pedal to the Metal,' then you know how crazy the band's musical attack is. The six-piece outfit incorporates everything from metalcore and synth pop to the Sunset Strip-style choruses usually found on records by Pretty Boy Floyd and Poison...
Shred Sean Breaks Down the Old and New Age of Shred Guitar
We recently posted our list of list of the top 10 guitarists of the shred era, and it caused quite a bit of controversy. The article was picked up by various other music outlets and readers everywhere chimed in with their opinions. For the most part people seemed to be comfortable with our choices but our omission of players like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani really ticked some readers off... Read Mo