Mississippi's ever so charming Saving Abel -- it's the accents -- willingly submitted to a ''Creep Show' interrogation. Vocalist Jared Weeks and guitarist Jason Null were in high spirits, even after a long day of promoting their new album, 'Miss America.'

The duo discussed their February 2010 USO tour and their experience with the troops, recounting the servicemen and women they met. Weeks said the shows were some of their favorites, but the band wondered why, five shows deep, the troops would remains sitting during their sets. Saving Abel thought they were doing something wrong. It turns out the troops rocked the hell out, but they did so while seated, because they work 17-hour days.


Weeks and Null also laid out the best things about their native state of Mississippi, namely the culinary delight known as the 'slugburger.' They talked barbecues, being less than 100 miles from Memphis and ATV riding to pass the time. Weeks gave us a rundown of the band's upcoming immediate plans, as well as the fact that he is taking November off in order to get married and be a husband and dad. More power to him! He also taught us a Southern-specific phrase, too.

And let's get one thing straight: 'Miss America' has no correlation to the beauty pageant. Rather, it refers to being away from home and, in essence, missing America. Saving Also explained that their troop support is something that is embedded in them as people, having relatives that served several generations deep in their bloodline. It's not about politics or waving a red state flag. It's about supporting those who preserve American freedom.

Saving Abel fans should be sure to stick around for the very end of this interview, since Weeks took a moment to thank all the troops for their efforts, for our freedom and for the fans who allow them to have such a cool ass job.

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