KISS' new comic book covers have been posted online. There are six different covers that will be available for Issue #1, which will be available on June 13. KISS and graphic novels – what a combo! [Kiss Online]

Baroness premiered "Take My Bones Away" from Yellow & Green, which drops July 17, today. Is it good? Um, no. It's fucking brilliant. Go ahead, we won't keep you by blathering on about it. Hurry up and rock it right now. Turns the volume up as loud as it can go and enjoy. [Baroness Facebook]

Those radio friendly rockers Saving Abel also premiered the title cut from Bringing Down the Giant, which drops on July 17 via new label eOne. The song and album title rocked our worlds. Take a listen and then nab it on iTunes if you like it. [Loudwire]

Doom legends Saint Vitus are streaming Lillie: F-65 in full today. It's due out on May 22, so check it out now, as it's their first in 17 years. Check out the band's video for "Let Them Fall," as well. You can never have too much Vitus in your life. [NPR] [YouTube]

Listen to "The Waste of Time" From Saint Vitus

Burzum mainman Varg Vikernes will be launching a role-playing game sometime in the near future. [Metal Sucks]

Be sure and check out To Speak of Wolves' video for "Je Suis Fini." It's futuristically creepy, not to mention, set to nasty, gnarly moshy metal! This clip is the first half of a two-part story so pay attention to what's going on involving the mind. The vid is a modern take on Plato's Allegory of the Cave, in which a patient realizes that what she perceives as reality is far from the truth, and that she must escape her surroundings at any and all costs. "We chose to shoot a video for 'Je Suis Fini' because we feel it's a track that represents the album really well," said drummer Phil Chamberlain. "We wanted to give people an honest preview of the record and how it sounds. Plus, it has a lot of energy and we really dig the chorus a lot. Due to scheduling, we ended up having to shoot two videos in one day. On top of that, we were all wearing winter clothes while shooting on a hot day, so we were drenched in sweat trying to get this done!" The band will drop Find Your Worth, Come Home on May 22. [Via Press Release]

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