"I love doing what people saying we can't do," laughs Kaz, singer and creator of Redlight King.

That statement sort of sums up Kaz's entire career. Born Mark Kasprzyk, he got his start in the music business 15 years ago as a rap-rock artist, gaining a hit song with "Pedal to the Metal."

These days, Kaz spends his time focusing on Redlight King. The band is currently on tour and will take part in the Uproar festival in August and September, performing alongside bands like Godsmack and Shinedown. If that isn't enough, the single "Comeback" was just featured on Avengers Assemble, an album of music from and inspired by the movie "The Avengers."

"It's great exposure," says Kaz of Redlight King's placement on the soundtrack. "The song is on our album Something for the Pain. It was going to be our third single regardless of the placement with the soundtrack ... it's really cool. We filmed the video for the song, not really considering any connection with the move. Obviously we want the song to have its own life and own vision for our fans. The people with the "Avengers" were so stoked about the song that they released a video with some movie footage in it, and then our official video release is in two weeks."

It wasn't always so happy for Kaz, who used personal ups and downs to fuel the songs that are featured on Something for the Pain. The end result was a brutally honest essay of self-discovery and learning to live.

"I tried to make a record that had that up and down that life throws to you," Kaz says. "On the road, people come up to me and think the record is heavy ... but most of the time they are thankful. And I'm thankful, too. It's all give and take in this business. And that is part of the art. When we are out there live and we're playing ... that's the give and take right there. That's what we live for, that energy. The more and more I play live, the more I want to capture that."

While Redlight King has been on the road, promoting Something for the Pain, Kaz has continued to write new songs in preparation for the band's next album. While label Hollywood Records isn't putting any pressure on the group to deliver a new product immediately, Kaz says he's ready and excited for the day when he gets the call and someone says, "Do it now!"

"I'm ready. I've been writing the entire time... I'm in a really good place right now," Kaz says. "The band is evolving as we're on the road. We're getting tighter as a band. For me, just meeting people and having other bands come up to me and say, 'Hey, I really like that song' or, 'I really like what you are doing...' after 15 years in the business, it's just a nice feeling to finally have arrived and to be comfortable in who I am as an artist and songwriter. The more I can record and write, the better life is for me, so I'm ready to do a second record. But I recognize it's been a slow build, and I want people to listen to the debut record, have time with it and sink their teeth into it."

Redlight King has shows lined up with Saving Abel and other bands throughout the month of June.

Watch Redlight King's Video for "City Life"

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