Red Chord throat Guy Kozowyk is a busy man. His grind/death band just finished tracking 'Fed Through the Teeth Machine.' A fall release via Metal Blade is planned, and we're fairly certain it will be so over-the-top and awesomely relentless, it'll feel like enduring eight rounds with Muhammad Ali. The band spent July in Europe, enjoying their first ever stint on the festival circuit. And the band will tear apart American venues in September and October for their first domestic tour in over a year.

Fans may have noticed shrinkage in TRC's numbers, though. "We have downsized from a five to a four piece," Kozowyk admitted. "No more second guitar player. Why? The economy is to blame. We have less people to feed ... kinda like Chrysler. We put some poor slob in the unemployment line. Hah!"

Speaking of the economy -- for real -- Kozowyk owns and operates Black Market Activities, a boutique label specializing in eclectic, extreme metal. "The economy isn't doing Black Market Activities any favors either," Kozowyk commented. "Metal is a tough business, but thankfully, the metal sub-genres are a bit more supportive than the mainstream. And there are fans that actually care, and want the physical CD, artwork and vinyl, who are supporting the artists and the label."

Some releases in the BMA pipeline include Lye By Mistake, The_Network, Sweet Cobra (which caused Kozowyk to beam "I just got the album, and it's f---ing amazing!"), the Abominable Iron Sloth, Gaza and Fleshrot. "This will be an intense year for BMA releases," Kozowyk said. "All of these records break new ground! Fleshrot is something to keep an eye on. It's the musical collaboration between Animosity's Navene Koperweis, who wrote and recorded all the music himself, and Job for a Cowboy vocalist Jonny Davy. It's technical death metal with truly experimental elements."

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