It's been a little bit since we've heard from Job for a Cowboy and if this photo is any indication, it may be a while longer. The band posted a photo of their touring van going up in flames via the group's Facebook page.

The band didn't offer up any context on the photo, but it's clear that the van is fully engulfed and unless they've already made alternate transportation plans, they may not be hitting the stage anytime soon. The group has been off the road for some time now and there has been no indication of when they might be returning with new music.

It appears as though Job for a Cowboy don't have any immediate plans as bassist Nick Schendzielos has just landed another gig. He stepped in on bass for thrash metal outfit Havok after their bassist Mike Leon departed to fill the vacancy in Soulfly. This game of musical chairs started with Tony Campos vacating his gig in Soulfly to join Fear Factory on a full time basis.

Schendzielos will record bass on Havok's forthcoming album and take part in their North American headlining tour. "I'm incredibly excited to be working with Havok," stated the bassist. "Been friends with the dudes forever, always have a blast with 'em, and now I get to thrash with 'em! I have really big shoes to fill ... Mike is a really, really solid player, but I think my playing style will mix in really well and fans will dig it. The new music is by far the coolest Havok I've ever heard. Can't wait to release it!"

Job for a Cowboy's most recent album was 2014's Sun Eater. At present no tour dates are scheduled. We'll keep you up to date on the band.

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