A little over 15 years ago, Job for a Cowboy released their Doom EP and, all of a sudden, deathcore became the next big thing in metal.

Deathcore has brought some of the heaviest music of the 21st century. Combining the monstrous gutturals of death metal and the rhythm-heavy chugging of metalcore, deathcore created a new scene of hugely popular bands. Though Job for a Cowboy would shed their deathcore shell and emerge as a death metal band, their debut EP became one of the most influential metal records of the 2000s.

Suicide Silence also rode the initial deathcore wave in the mid-2000s. After setting themselves up with an EP and a split, Suicide Silence became deathcore’s gold standard with 2007’s The Cleansing. The Mitch Lucker era of the band’s history turned out to be essential for deathcore’s foundation and still is to this day.

Directly influenced by deathcore’s early releases, Whitechapel formed in 2006. With six albums released, Whitechapel arguably wear deathcore’s crown in 2017 thanks to Phil Bozeman’s grotesque voice and the band’s ever-evolving instrumental section.

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