Like a lot of musicians, Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfeld is a gamer. "I've been a gamer all my life. I was actually playing those earlier versions of Activision stuff when I was a younger kid. I believe my parents bought me something back in my teen years -- and to sort of put that in perspective, I'm 47 right now," Rockenfeld tells Noisecreep. "So I'm a huge gamer, I got my kids here. We do all that stuff, we have every format of game console in my house."

Again, that's normal. But Rockenfeld -- also a successful film scorer -- has taken it a step further, turning his love for games into a side venture. He's laid down drums for the wildly succesful 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' game released last year. For Rockenfeld the dad, it's pretty much a toss up as to which gets him more cool points, playing drums in a hard rock band that's been going for 30 years or the 'Call of Duty' gig.

"It's so funny, 'cause my daughter is 14; in her first year of high school now. She's been dealing with the rock 'n' roll dad thing for a couple of years, but now even more of her teachers are finally coming up to her and going, 'Listen, I never talked about it before, but I'm a huge fan of your dad because of Queensrÿche,'" he says. "She doesn't care. She's been my kid forever, so she rolls her eyes.

"But now with the 'Call of Duty' thing, she had a friend of hers text at school, 'I'm playing 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' right now.' So long story short, I think the 'Call of Duty' thing for her is new and fresh. It's s big deal, because I think the kids at school are talking more about that now. It has become more of a conversation than even the years we've been a rock band she's in school."

It's not just his kids though. Longtime Queensryche fans also are voicing their approval. "I get a lot of people writing me on my Facebook, our fans or people I'm connecting with these days, and it's been a big positive," he say. "There's been a big pop on my Facebook page, people loving the game and loving the fact that I was able to do something with the game."

Queensrÿche fans can also enjoy the game, knowing Rockenfeld's involvement with the game is not keeping him from the band. "There is new Queensryche music. I am standing in my studio right now working on new songs," he reveals. "We signed a new deal with Roadrunner a few months ago, so they're gonna release our first record with them. Then we'll just hit the road and tour the world for as long as people will come and see us."

This is a milestone year for the Seattle hard rockers. "[This] year is our 30-year anniversary -- started in my basement when I was 17," he says laughing.

Will they bust out something special for the occasion though, like classic Queensrÿche albums in their entirety? "There's always that possibility. Our fans love that old stuff by old us. We've gotten to the point where our legacy carries us on, it's a great thing. Do I get sick of playing all the old material every night? Sure," he laughs. "What do you do? It's what we are and our fans love it. Yeah, man, anything's possible next year. Come and see the show."

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