Phil AnselmoIf you head to down to New Orleans for a vacation -- and you're into metal and horror or other nefarious pursuits -- then you definitely want to check out the House of Shock attraction, even though Pantera's Phil Anselmo is no longer involved in the seasonal, Satanic-themed haunted house attraction that he co-founded.

"It's still here and is as big as ever, but I am not a part of it," Anselmo told Noisecreep. "I started it with three friends, and I guess there was a difference of direction and where we wanted to go with the haunted house. I did my time."

He doesn't go back and visit or take a walk through the attraction -- which is meant to terrify, as it features zombies, a morgue and a butchery -- anymore, either. "Nah, I don't go back to it. It has changed," Anselmo admitted. "My vision is no longer there, so the skeletal remains are holding it together. It's $18 a person to get inside the mother f---er, something I would never allow. Nah! On Halloween, I find other things to do."

The House of Shock is open on weekends in October.