Pain/Hypocrisy leader and producer Peter Tägtgren has been through two divorces, but music is his first and lasting love. Who needs wives when you've got tunes and a creative urge? "It just shows that I only care about myself really," he recently joked to Noisecreep. "And my passion for music? It's hard to be in two places at the same time, and women come and women go. Music stays."

Tägtgren, 40, is an in-demand producer who gets plenty of work behind the boards with the likes of Celtic Frost and Dimmu Borgir. He claims that the workload doesn't wear him out, nor does he have a preference between playing live and producing. "I really need all of it to keep me hungry and creative. When I'm in the studio too long, then I need to get out on the road, and vice versa."

Though most of his studio experiences have been fairly smooth, Tägtgren has also witnessed some heated moments. "Some bands have been arguing between each other and fists have been swinging in the air, but unfortunately, there has been no blood splattering," he joked. "I have not yet had a big hard drive meltdown, knock on wood."

Pain's new album, 'You Only Live Twice,' will be released on June 23rd. Tägtgren says the band began "as a producer thing. I needed to record more than black, speed, death metal, but couldn't find any bands that were into samplers [or] drum loops. So I invented my own band to practice on." Seven albums and a lot of practice later, Tägtgren, who has been the sole constant member of Pain, has been working with the same "insane members live" since 2007. "It only gets crazier every time we do tours and festivals over in Europe," he says. "Now we're aiming for North America. We're just looking for the right band to support."

Pain's new song 'Dirty Woman' is sure to delight both male and female metalheads. "'Dirty Woman' is really about us men," Tägtgren says. "When blood goes from our head down to the little head, our IQ drops, and the women see it and use the situation."

Watch the video for Pain's 'Zombie Slam' (live)

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