The revolving door of Nine Inch Nails continues. The band, who just last month saw the exit of bassist Eric Avery, is now saying farewell to guitarist Adrian Belew as well.

Belew was part of the new look lineup for Nine Inch Nails that Trent Reznor unveiled earlier this year and Reznor went so far as to state that he was inspired to re-form the band after working with the onetime King Crimson member. But Belew has announced his exit a day after Nine Inch Nails unveiled their fall tour plans.

In a Facebook posting (since removed), Belew stated, "Hey folks, before this goes too far, let me say this: I greatly respect Trent and the music he makes. No one is at fault. We both agreed it just was not working. I'm sorry to disappoint anyone. That really hurts, but NIN will do an amazing show and I am back where I belong, creating FLUX." He later posted a second, more brief, Facebook status, explaining, "Concerning me being part of the 2013 Nine Inch Nails band: It didn't work."

Earlier this week, Belew teased on his Facebook page that after two years, he and Daniel Rowland had been working on completing a new CD from his solo project, but instead came up with a new musical idea called FLUX. He describes the project as "music that is never the same twice," adding, "FLUX will be a kind of listening experience. Each time you hear it, the experience will be unique and surprising. Even I will never know where it will begin, where it will end or what will happen in between."

As for Nine Inch Nails, former guitarist Robin Finck rejoined the lineup after Avery's exit. At present, there hasn't been a replacement named for Belew in the band's live lineup. Nine Inch Nails will release their 'Hesitation Marks' album on Sept. 3.

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