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Old fashioned word of mouth hype is what helped Carnifex become one of the most successful younger death metal bands in the scene today. While many of their peers rely on social networking sites as their most valuable marketing tool, Carnifex have followed the footsteps of their older heroes by forging a fanbase through relentless touring and great material.

Carnifex just released 'Hell Chose Me,' their Zack Ohren (Decrepit Birth, All Shall Perish) produced third album, and there is little doubt they will match their previous record's commercial success. Noisecreep recently spoke with Carnifex vocalist Scott Lewis about the five albums that changed his life, death metal or not.

'Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest'
Zao (1998)
"The album was released in 1998; I was 14 and starting my first band. Dan Weyandt's vocals and lyrics shaped and changed me for the rest of my life. He was my original inspiration to become a vocalist and a songwriter. To this day, I still have this album on cassette and CD, and I listen to it regularly on my iPod along with the rest of their releases. It's truly an inspired and remarkable record."
'Cruelty and the Beast'
Cradle of Filth (2001)
"This album came out during my first year of high school. It was the period when I found my passion for extreme music. Dani Filth, to me, is one of the best writers in metal. Along with Dan from Zao, he's the guy that inspired me to write beyond the norm and also informed my desire to bring more theatrics into the Carnifex live show. This is another record that I continuously listen to and it still holds up as one of the sickest metal albums ever released. I hope to tour with Cradle one day -- fingers crossed!"
'The Downward Spiral'
Nine Inch Nails (1995)
"These are two different records, I know, but I really didn't start to understand NIN until 'The Fragile' was released. At that point, I was able to go back to 'The Downward Spiral' and finally enjoy it for the amazing release that it was. Trent Reznor is an amazing artist in all aspects; musically, lyrically, art direction etc. He continues to put out cutting edge music and is someone that I will always support."
'The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me'
Brand New (2006)
"This is the only album on this list released after the year 2000. Just when I thought I had heard everything and nothing new could inspire me, I found this album. Before the record came out, I had heard Brand New but I couldn't exactly call myself a fan. With this release, it made me feel like something changed and the ground really fell out from under them. There on songs on this record that can make me cry, they're so depressing. This album is a masterpiece."
'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness'
The Smashing Pumpkins (1995)
"This is one of the first albums that I bought on my own. I was 11 years old when it was released and the local record store had it on cassette. It was $18 and it cleaned me out (laughter). Billy Corgan- for all the crap he gets- is a profoundly gifted artist and right alongside Trent Reznor in my book. My older sister was a huge fan of The Smashing Pumpkins along with many other bands of that early/mid '90s era that I still love to this day."
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