The Trent Reznor and Tim Burton collaboration is no more. Finito. Kaput. Done. Over. Reznor has just announced that he will not be scoring Burton's next vampire film, 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.' The recent Academy Award-winner also dismissed rumors that he was planning an on-screen cameo in the flick. As it turns out, the news that Reznor was going to come on board for the film had leaked prematurely, before he fully committed to the project.

Reznor posted a note on the Nine Inch Nails forum about his exit from the project:

"There's no juicy story here, it's just that when the news mysteriously leaked out about my involvement I hadn't made up my mind completely, because various aspects of the project were changing.

"I felt the need to say something earlier this week because my inbox was filling up with speculation, and at that moment I thought I would be doing it," Reznor explained.

It sounds like creative differences, that old and reliable excuse, was at the root cause of the split. What a shame! It would have been amazing to have a Reznor/Burton partnership come to life on the big screen.

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