This past week, metal made its triumphant return to the charts with "the Truth, the Light, and the Way" as reported by our buds over at Metal Insider. Debuting in its first week sales are those 80's Christian warriors Stryper - is anyone else who grew up in that era drowning in nostalgia right now?- with 5900 albums sold. Following right behind the Yellow 'n Black clad legends is He Is Legend; their third full length, 'It Hates You,' broke the 3800 copies-sold mark. Trustkill's Memphis May Fire also sold just under 1000 -750 to be exact- this past week. Here's a peek at what to check out on local retail shelves this week.

Iron Age - 'The Sleeping Eye' - Tee Pee
This Austin-based band is a modern day crossover act that is heavily influenced by both thrash and hardcore. The impressive ensemble has been dishing out heavy tunes since their inception in 2006. It's perfectly ripe for the hardcore fans, the thrashers and even some Trap Them fans.
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Suicide City - 'Frenzy' - The End
Suicide City is a collective of members from notable bands, including Biohazard's Billy Graziadei and former Kittie bassist Jennifer Arroyo. We had full expectations that this album would ooze metal from every pore, but much to our surprise though (and growing curiosity), this debut release is a no-holds-barred, street punk opus, with metal melodies sewn into the sound and some 'hard knock life lyrics' all molded into one. I'm not one who is sold on street punk very often, but after listening to "The Best Way," I was hooked.
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Man Must Die
- 'No Tolerance For Imperfection' - Relapse
Glasgow, Scotland throw off their kilts and take over local retailers, thanks to the technical death metal / grindcore quartet Man Must Die, who are releasing their third full length on Relapse. After an active tour schedule this past year, including an appearance at Maryland Death Fest, the band have settled into its groove and its niche, and this album hits at all the right spots, going right for the jugular from the first track.
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Greymachine - 'Disconnected' - Hydrahead
We're long time fans of the very ground Justin Broadrick walks on, so his latest collaborative effort with Isis' Aaron Turner certainly captured our attention. 'Disconnected' is surreal, atmospheric, heavy and doomish at once. Godflesh fans will do well by adding this to their collections since the album paints a picture in your mind and each note brushes more detail to the canvas, resulting in a well-crafted masterpiece.
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