Formed in 2007 by Nathan Opposition (ex-Integrity), Justin Mason (Iron Age), and Michael Jochum (ex-Integrity), Ancient VVisdom are one of the more hypnotic bands you'll hear on Noisecreep. The group incorporates electric guitar effects, synth sounds, vocal harmonies, and abstract percussion to give a deep, ethereal quality to their minimalist arrangements. Nathan's powerfully honest voice is complimented by lyrics ranging from mysteries of the occult to paganism and satanic philosophy.

Ancient VVisdom will release its debut album 'A Godlike Inferno' on June 7th via Shinebox Recordings. The blackened neo-folk/demonic rock squad who recently issued a one-sided split 12" LP with Charles Manson recorded their album at Austin's The Bubble Studio (Built to Spill, Explosions in the Sky). Noisecreep has the exclusive premiere of 'VVorld of Flesh,' the first video from the album.

Watch the video for 'VVorld of Flesh'


"'VVorld of Flesh' was inspired by genius Brazilian horror god, José Mojica Marins. It is a psychedelic hell filled with audio/visual terror," Ancient VVisdom's Nathan Opposition told Noisecreep. Marins is a director favored by horror film cultists for movies like 'The Strange World of Coffin Joe' [1968] and 'Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind' [1978].

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