Godflesh"I've had to hold the reins. Basically I feel I've saturated the world with Jesu releases, so I'm going to take it easy to be honest," Justin Broadrick said to Don't Watch That! TV about the seemingly endless stream of releases under his looming electric-doom moniker.

Last year, remixes and production aside, the output included the EP 'Opiate Sun,' the one-song album 'Infinity' and a split release; there was also the debut release from Greymachine, a return to dissonance he did with Aaron Turner (Isis). The focus this year for Broadrick is outside of the studio: a reunion show of legendary industrial act Godflesh.

Back in November the line up for France's Hellfest was announced, which included a slot announced for the band that had been broken up for seven years. No real press statements were released telling the rules of the reformation or which line up would join Broadrick. Now a little light has been shed on what will happen on the June performance, and possibly after.

"It will just be [bassist Ben 'G.C.' Green] and me with a big screen of visuals. It will be everything we wanted Godflesh to be back in the day," Broadrick revealed in the December 2009 interview. The simplicity of numbers on stage make sense, as even recently Jesu live incarnations have had a laptop taking on the role of percussion. As for whether or not there is a future beyond this one European show, Broadrick said there was "potentially more" while still grasping onto uncertainty.

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