MyChildren MyBride

YouTube sensation Mitchell Davis boasts one of the web video giant's Top 30 Most Subscribed Lists. Davis, a full-time director and performer, has enjoyed a not-too-shabby 67 million combined views of his vids. But it was his Usher cologne/day-in-the-life parody that got him hooked up with MyChildren MyBride, who recruited Davis to film the video for 'On Wings of Integrity' from 2008's 'Unbreakable.'

"He made the Usher video, and the premise was that he was walking to the mall and saw Usher come out with a fragrance and wondered why everyone wanted to smell like a sweaty rapper -- and if you did, your day would be like this," vocalist Matthew Hasting told Noisecreep. "Then he wondered, 'Why don't bands like MyChildren MyBride have a fragrance? And if they did and you wore it, your day would be like this.'"

That vid became one of Davis' most popular, generating three million views. "I thought it was hilarious and I hit him up and became friends with him and thanked him for using us," Hasting said. "A lot of our newer fans came from him." It's true that Davis could have mentioned any heavy band, but he singled out MCMB.

That's when Hasting decided to make Davis' YouTube video come to life in a fashion similar to Axe Body Spray ads, which work to convince you that if you wear the scent, hot chicks will automatically flock to you and worship at your altar! "In our video, Mitchell goes through the mall, sees an ad for our cologne, freaks out, sprays it all over, goes into a dreamland, a euphoria from our amazing scent. He's taken into our world and lives the life of the band before he wakes up. We act like we are in YouTube land, rocking out in front of a camera."

For inquiring minds, just what does the MCMB fragrance really smell like? "Like a room of gods, angels and everything holy. Sugar, spice and everything nice," Hasting said.

MCMB's new album, 'Lost Boy' is out May 4.

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