MyChildren MyBride are gearing up -- or is that "fearing up"-- to release their self-titled album with the 'Dreamcatchers Interactive Nightmare' initiative, which allows fans to unlock elements of the song 'Dreamcatchers.' The band wanted to engage fans to act like a community upon the album release and came up with this little game. It's like something out of one of the 'SAW' movies, with the fan waking up in a mysterious room and desiring to escape. Fans can embark on perilous paths and the decisions they make lead them to either adventure or certain death! Muhahaha. Start your adventure here.

In keeping with that creative and forward-thinking spirit, frontman Matthew Hasting also rediscovered his passion for painting, specifically oil painting. He is offering prints of a new piece, with more to come. You can check out his work here.

"Painting, drawing and art in general has always been a passion of mine," Hasting told Noisecreep about returning to his past love. "In high school, it's what I focused on most. My senior year, I had to make the big decision: Pursue art and go to college for it, or try to make the band thing work. Obviously, I chose the band and although I didn't entirely leave art behind, it was definitely put on the back burner. In the meantime, I continue to inspire everything MCMB does art-wise, from merch to CD art, and that will never change."

While MCMB were on a break, Hasting decided to pick up a oils for the first time in eight years. "I honestly wasn't expecting anything to really come of it," the frontman mused. "I just wanted to doodle, but I really liked what came of my random journey back to oil paints and canvas."

As for the print he's currently peddling? "The first painting I did is entitled 'Dark Passenger,'" he said. "The print is limited to 50 pieces and is the first of more paintings and prints to come. With the help of my brother, Chad Hasting, who is very involved with art in high school, I'm really excited to re-ignite an old passion!"

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