Lemmy Kilmister is the metal scene's answer to Clint Eastwood. He is a consummate badass, someone you wouldn't want to mess with, but who is affable underneath all that toughness. That's why Kilmister -- his mythos and his actual self -- endures.

Like Ozzy Osbourne, he is one of metal's most revered icons -- so much so that he even had a movie made about him. Noisecreep chatted with Kilmister about Motörhead's latest, 'The World Is Yours,' Motörhead wine and, of course, the 'Lemmy' documentary. He was a man of very few, but quite poignant words.

Do you like living off Sunset in Hollywood, which is depicted in the documentary about your life?

The lunacy is normal there. The Viper Room and all. What's nuts is normal. It's OK. I roll with the punches.

Now that the film is said and done, what do you think of it?

It was OK, you know. It wasn't too embarrassing. I've seen it a few times, and I am over it.

Would you do it again if given the chance?

I don't have to do it again, do I? Sure, I would have done it again. It wasn't that tough, but they were around a lot. The filmmakers were always around a lot.

How did the rest of the band feel about the film? I heard they were a bit unhappy about it...

They bitched about not being in it enough, as usual. I remind them it's not a Motorhead movie! It was a Lemmy movie.

I'd like to say that you are the Clint Eastwood of metal. How do you feel to still be making metal after all the years?

That is very flattering of you to say. As for doing metal? What else am I going to do? That's pretty good, I guess.

The new album, 'The World Is Yours,' was recorded in LA and Wales. How did that work? Was it hard to do it in two locations, sending files back and forth?

[Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell's] dad was dying, and he had to go back and say goodbye, and you can't bitch about that. What else is on the calendar doesn't matter; you have to go and deal with that. We sent him over the tracks by email, and he then recorded them in his own studio, and it worked out. We are good at this s--- now.

Do you like to drink a little Motörhead wine, which is available only in Europe right now?

I don't drink red wine, and that's all they are making so far. I don't drink it, so it was an awkward moment when the makers of the wine brought it into the dressing room. I said, "I don't drink it, no!" I told them to make some white wine, and then maybe I will drink it.

What's your beef with red wine?

I don't like it; that's best reason I know for not drinking it.

Tell us something about 'Get Back in Line,' the first single.

It's boring, actually. I wrote it in the studio. There is not storyline that is new, since I've written about this stuff a million times: watch out for the man. I hope people are listening, and I wish they'd do something about 'the man.'

Do you ever get tired of the Motörhead tour schedule?

Well, we are in the US till March 11, and then we have 10 days off and go to Australia and have festivals all summer, then Europe and all points west. I never get tired of it, no. I don't spend a bit more time at home than we do. I like touring; I live on the road more or less. Home is where you leave s--- for me. But we're all very tired. Bring us gifts, since we need cheering up. We are doing OK, though.

What gifts should fans come bearing?

White wine, maybe. I like rose the best!

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