The parents of missing Metallica fan Morgan Harrington appeared on Nov. 12's episode of 'Dr. Phil,' to ask people from across the country to help in the search for the 20-year-old Virginia Tech student, who was last seen at Metallica's Oct. 17 concert wearing a Pantera T-shirt, black boots, and a black mini-skirt.

Both Gil and Dan Harrington spoke with Dr. Phil McGraw on Nov. 9, but the interview didn't air until Thursday. The Harringtons shared details about the last night Morgan was seen and spoke about what it's been like living with the possibility that Morgan may never be found.

"You never thought that you'd be sitting in this place in a thousand, thousand years," Gil told Dr. Phil. "We just want Morgan to come back safely so we have our baby back," Dan Harrington added. "If Morgan's out there and hears us, please come home. Be strong, we are trying to find you. We will never stop. We are trying, honey. Hang on."

Morgan Harrington has been missing since she was separated from friends at the Metallica gig. Morgan used the bathroom, and afterwards somehow ended up outside of the venue, which has a no re-entry policy. She was last seen on a nearby bridge and had told friends she'd try to find another way home.

"We don't know if she met someone in the bathroom, if she took a wrong door, if she went out to smoke," Gil told the good doctor; Morgan had quit smoking six months ago, so that would be out of character for her. "That's why we're trying to get information, because someone saw something or has a piece that will make things click into focus for us and give the investigation new force."

The Harringtons think it's strange Morgan would say she'd find an alternate way home. "I think it's very unusual for Morgan," Dan explains. "It's very confusing to me as to why she would say that she would find another ride home," as she lived 45 minutes from the venue. "None of this makes any sense, and it doesn't seem that this is behavior that Morgan would typically do."

The Harringtons have been holding it together as much as possible since Morgan vanished almost a month ago. They said they are bracing for the worse.

"Over the last week, particularly with the search occurring this weekend, I think the reality of where we are, now that we're at day 23 and Morgan has not returned home, starts to sink in," Dan says. "The days are awfully long. We are determined not to let ourselves become victims and not let the person who did this have more power over us than what has occurred."

Still, Gil says there are times when she thinks the worse, and trying "to prepare ourselves for the idea that our daughter may not only have been abducted but also murdered. It's difficult, but we're determined that there will be no more collateral damage from this event."

Meanwhile, Morgan Harrington appears on this week's cover of People magazine. The magazine will retell her story, and hopefully bring more awareness to the case.